Monday, December 6, 2010

I am trying again

Some of you might remember the ill fated blog, that was me. I didn't post for months and ran out of clever things to say while simultaneously realizing that the title was incredibly vane and most likely untrue seeing as my name isn't Keegan Swenson or Noah Talley. After such neglect I felt it was best to let that blog die and I would delete it in a bizarre type of mercy killing but decided to leave it there for historical purposes or to possibly reference back to until I get a new archive going here at my new home.

As the above paragraph would hint at I am beginning to feel clever and witty again to the extent that I feel the need to share it with the perhaps 10 people who will see this when surfing for something more relevant or better written. Or perhaps college life at BYU is just to full of good material and I am trying to delay writing a paper on St. Augustine's Confessions for the second time. Whatever the reason I am back and will be filling you in on random design things, skiing, cycling, climbing, rants, jokes, photos, and the ever priceless BYU dating and social scene. I only ask that you keep your grammatical corrections to a minimum and post only a few soul crushing comments as my self esteem is on the brink as we speak.

ps. I plan on posting regularly but may not for a week due to the upcoming reality check that is the first time a Freshman has finals

look my thumb follows the golden ratio!